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Python Question

Write to last line of file in python

I wanna save some string on a file that i called Every time i write a special command, I want to save a string in the file. The string should be at the last line in the file all times.
I read something about append, so I tried to do something like this:

#Open and close the inventroy file
fileOpen = open('', 'a')

fileOpen = open('', 'r')
savedData =

This works fine the first time I want to add something during runtime, but when I try to add the second string it looks something like this:


Where monster was the first add, and Lol was the second thing I added.
What am I missing? Do I need to specify that it should go to a new line each time or?

Answer Source

New line is not getting added and hence the next entry is appended in the same line. You ca rectify this as follows:

fileOpen.write(argOne + '\n')

This way you don't have to modify the way you input your arguments.

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