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Java Color integer to RGB string in JavaScript

I'm trying to use some Java Color int values from a database in Javascript. What's the correct way to convert the Java color int (like -2147473665) to an RGB string (like '#ffff00') using Javascript?

Right now I'm taking the number, flipping it negative, converting it to hex, and adding a hashtag, but that gives me the wrong color. (The substring is to account for the alpha channel)

function getClients() {
var query = new Parse.Query(Client);

query.each(function(client) {
var clientName = client.get("clientName");
var borderColor = '#' + (-client.get("borderColor")).toString(16);
var fillColor = '#' + (-client.get("fillColor")).toString(16).substr(2);
var outline = client.get("outline");


var clientPoly = new google.maps.Polygon({
paths: outline,
strokeColor: borderColor,
strokeOpacity: 1,
strokeWeight: 2,
fillColor: fillColor,
fillOpacity: 0.5


For example, the int -16767233 should be navy blue, but it's showing up as yellow.

-16731137 should be light blue, but it's red

-1218518 should be orange, but it's blue

Correct colors:
Correct colors

This is what I get in JS with my current code
This is what I get in JS with my current code

What is going on here?? I know it's supposed to be RGB, and not HSV, so that's not it...

Tim Tim
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You need to handle signed integers. See How to convert decimal to hex in JavaScript?

console.log(getHexColor(-16731137)); // light blue
console.log(getHexColor(-1218518)); // orange

function getHexColor(number){
    return "#"+((number)>>>0).toString(16).slice(-6);
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