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Swift Question

NavigationController in swift leads to a black screen

I'm trying to use a navigation controller for an identification process in my swift code but each time I click on a button that leads to it, it shows the following black screen:

Black screen on IOS simulator

Here is my storyboard if this can helps, there is no warning and no error in the code (using a drag and drop segue or a programmatically one leads to the same black screen)

My Storyboard with segues

Answer Source

Probably the segue you picked: mode & transition.

Are you certain you only have a single segue? It is possible to have overlapping segues, which do not show up clearly in Interface Builder.


Is there a way we can see all our segues?

  1. Open the Storyboard in its new window
  2. Show Document Outline (leftmost pane)
  3. Show Attribute Inspector (rightmost pane)
  4. Select each View Controller Scene in the Document Outline. The Segues are listed at the bottom. You can inspect Identifier and Segue in the Attribute Inspector.

enter image description here

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