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Laravel Facades throwing ReflectionException on production server (nginx)

I've just deployed my app on Digitalocean. My upload image and the send email features which worked perfectly fine on my local server doesn't work on the production server. After debugging, I realized the problem is with this two facades.

Mail::send('', $data, ....

$image is the image gotten from the post request.

My folder has a write permission for the web group. so I'm sure it isn't a permission problem. Besides, I have commented the save line out and I am still getting the error. Please help. Thanks. Here is my controller code

$images = $request->file('images');
$imageEmpty = array_filter($images);

//$images = $request->file('images');
$filePath = 'img/posts/'.$post->id.'/';
foreach ($images as $image){
$filename = $image->getClientOriginalName();
$img = new Img;
$img->name = $filename;

Image::make($image); //->save(public_path($filePath.$filename));

Here is my mailing controller

$data = array(
'email' => $request->email,
'bodyMessage' => $request->message,
'subject' => $request->subject
Mail::send('', $data, function($message) use ($data){
Session::flash('success',' Email was sent successfully!');
return redirect()->route('contact.get');

Here is my stacktrace

[2016-09-07 22:10:26] production.ERROR: ReflectionException: Class
App\Http\Controller$ Stack trace:
#0 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(8572): ReflectionMethod->__construct($
#1 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(8281): Illuminate\Routing\Route->sign$
#2 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(8275): Illuminate\Routing\Router->sub$
#3 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(8266): Illuminate\Routing\Router->sub$
#4 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(8212): Illuminate\Routing\Router->fin$
#5 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(8207): Illuminate\Routing\Router->dis$
#6 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2419): Illuminate\Routing\Router->dis$
#7 [internal function]: Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel->Illuminate\Foundation\Http\$
#8 /var/www/laravel/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Routing/Pipeline.php(52):
#9 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(3286): Illuminate\Routing\Pipeline->I$
#10 [internal function]: Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Middleware\CheckForMaintenanceMode$
#11 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(9963): call_user_func_array(Array, A$
#12 [internal function]: Illuminate\Pipeline\Pipeline->Illuminate\Pipeline{closure}(O$
#13 /var/www/laravel/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Routing/Pipeline.php(32):$
#14 [internal function]: Illuminate\Routing\Pipeline->Illuminate\Routing{closure}(Obj$
#15 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(9948): call_user_func(Object(Closure$
#16 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2366): Illuminate\Pipeline\Pipeline-$
#17 /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2350): Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Ke$
#18 /var/www/laravel/public/index.php(53): Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel->handle(O$
#19 {main

Answer Source

This reply helped me solved it.

Here is the answer..

" Based on the fact that this code worked properly on your build system but not on your droplet lets work under the assumption that this error is caused by a difference in the environment and not the code itself.

Without having this narrowed down to just one of those two functions there are a few possibilities.

Mail PHP's mail functionality requires you have a local MTA on your system. Doing apt-get install postfix or apt-get install sendmail would meet those requirements and allow PHP applications to send emails. Image - image manipulation in PHP usually requires additional libraries such as php7.0-gd or php7.0-imagick which do the heavy lifting. You can install these with apt-get install php7.0-imagick php7.0-gd."

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