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R Question

How do I call the new function in R when the object is defined in another package?

Suppose I'm creating a package and I'd like to define a function that creates an object where the object is defined in another package.

For example:

get_empty_mtx <- function() return(new("dgCMatrix"))

If I type
, this will work, but when I'm making my own package, I like to use
when referencing things from other packages. I can't do
as new is not a function from the Matrix package.

Answer Source

You can use the getClassDef function to get a class definition from a specific package and then call new() on that. For example

new(getClassDef("dgCMatrix", getNamespace("Matrix")))

and new(getClassDef("dgCMatrix", "Matrix")) also seems to work despite the documtation saying where should be an environment.

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