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How to get line number(s) in the StackTrace of an exception thrown in .NET to show up

MSDN says this about the

property of the

The StackTrace property holds a stack
trace, which you can use to determine
where in the code the error occurred.
StackTrace lists all the called
methods that preceded the exception
and the line numbers in the source
where the calls were made.

So I know that this information is available. How do I get the line numbers to actually show up in the stack trace? My code is throwing an exception in a very difficult and complex piece of code that goes through TONS of objects, so I don't want to step through a bazillion times to see where the exception is happening. The stack trace of the exception only shows method signatures and no line numbers.

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To get the line numbers in the StackTrace, you need to have the correct debug information (PDB files) alongside your dlls/exes. To generate the the debug information, set the option in Project Properties -> Build -> Advanced -> Debug Info:

alt text

Setting it to full should suffice (see the Advanced Build Settings Dialog Box docs for what the other options do). Debug info (ie. PDB files) are generated for Debug build configurations by default, but can also be generated for Release build configurations.

Generating PDBs for release builds enables you to ship you code without the PDBs, but to drop the PDBs next to the dlls if you need line numbers (or even to attach a remote debugger). One thing to note is that in a release build, the line numbers may not be entirely correct due to optimisations made by the compiler or the JIT compiler (this is especially so if the line numbers show as 0).

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