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Python Question

Digital Root without loops Python

def digit_sum(n):
Returns the sum of all the digits in the given integer, n'''
if n<10:
return n
return n%10 + digit_sum(n//10)

def digital_root(n):
Returns the resulting sum of the digits in the given integer until it reaches a single digit number; via digit_sum'''
while n>9:
return n

Wrote the code for
and then used recursion to write
. However, my professor put a condition that there must not be any loops in any of the two functions. How would I go about this? Any help is appreciated!


So the idea is that you have to use recursion for the last one as well? In that case, this should do the job:

def digital_root(n):
    if n < 10:
        return n
    return digital_root(digit_sum(n))