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Ruby Question

Iterate pairwise through a ruby array

How can i iterate over a ruby array and always get two values, the current and the next, like:

[1,2,3,4,5,6].pairwise do |a,b|
# a=1, b=2 in first iteration
# a=2, b=3 in second iteration
# a=3, b=4 in third iteration
# ...
# a=5, b=6 in last iteration

My usecase: I want to test if an array is sorted, and by having an iterator like this i could always compare two values.

I am not searching for
like in this question: Converting ruby array to array of consecutive pairs

Answer Source

You are looking for each_cons:

(1..6).each_cons(2) { |a, b| p a: a, b: b }
# {:a=>1, :b=>2}
# {:a=>2, :b=>3}
# {:a=>3, :b=>4}
# {:a=>4, :b=>5}
# {:a=>5, :b=>6}
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