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get string after blackslah in php

Here's my problem. I want to get

from the string below. I've tried the code below but it doesn't work. I want to use regex but I don't understand the backslash.

Code :

$str = explode("\","File=D:\Shared\print\2017\september\26\printing\baryun - cetak transferpaper.tif");
echo $str[count($str)-5];

String :

File=D:\Shared\print\2017\september\26\printing\baryun - cetak transferpaper.tif

Answer Source

You can match it using ^File=D:\\[a-zA-Z]+\\[a-z]+\\([0-9]{4})

That is:

   $line = 'File=D:\Shared\print\2017\september\26\printing\baryun - cetak transferpaper.tif';
    $r = "/^File=D:\\\\[a-zA-Z]+\\\\[a-z]+\\\\([0-9]{4})\\\\([a-z]+)\\\\([0-9]{1,2})/";

   if (preg_match($r, $line, $match)) {
      print $match[1];

To match the year, month and day, use ^File=D:\\\\[a-zA-Z]+\\\\[a-z]+\\\\([0-9]{4})\\\\([a-z]+)\\\\([0-9]{1,2})

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