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Symfony Restful Post: JMSSerializerBundle vs Symfony Form Components

As far as i understand it right JMSSerializerBundle's deserialisation does the same same as the symfony form component when a controller gets an post/put/patch request?

So either i create a symfony custom formType for e.g. an UserType and when i get a request i do something like $form->handleRequest($request) or i use JMSSerializerBundle to unserialize the request to a document/entity which gets finally stored.

Does anyone have experience with both methods? Currently i'm only familiar with the form way... Which one should i choose?

The Application i'm talking about is purely Restful, there are no twig html templates and FOSRestbundle is doing all the RESTful routing.

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In our restfull API we usually use JMSSerializerBundle to handle the deserialization of entities, then the Symfony Validator component to ensure that the entities fulfill all the required conditions before pushing/updating them in database. Works pretty well, lighter than the form component.

Anyway The Form component would not be able to deserialize the json/xml so you'll have to use JMSSerializerBundle.

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