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Angular - Module '{0}' is not available! error due to folder name

Running into a weird issue with loading an Angular module.

I have a file structure like so


and I'm loading accountCtrl and other controllers like so

angular.module("app", [

@app = angular.module('app')
app.controller 'accountCtrl', ($scope, $state) ->

@app = angular.module('app')
app.controller 'authCtrl', ($scope, $state) ->

But then accountCtrl throws an error

Module 'app' is not available! You either misspelled the module name
or forgot to load it. If registering a module ensure that you specify
the dependencies as the second argument.

I know the syntax is correct, because I'm loading a a few dozen other controllers with the same syntax. So I started playing around with different scenarios.

  1. I deleted the 'account' folder

    No error thrown, other controllers load normally

  2. I renamed account folder to z-account

    No error thrown, all controllers including accountCtrl load normally

So the error only occurs when the folder is named 'account' and is the first file in the 'app' folder. Any ideas what's going on?

Answer Source

Rails asset pipeline includes javascript files aphabetically, and app/account.js.coffee was being included before app/app.js.coffee, hence the missing module error.

Two solutions possible:

  1. prefix files with an underscore to ensure it loads first like so:



  1. Remove

     //= require_tree .

in application.js and include files manually.

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