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How to use random.randint to find random 0 and 1 with not equal propbability

I am using DEAP toolbox in Python for Genetic Algorithm.

toolbox.register("attr_bool", random.randint, 0, 1)
is a function randomly chooses 0 and 1 for populations in GA. I want to force GA to choose 0 and 1 randomly but with for example 80% one and the rest zero.

I think
srng.binomial(X.shape, p=retain_prob)
is a choice, but I want to use
function. Wondering how we can do that?

Answer Source

The arguments to toolbox.register must be a function and the arguments that you want to pass to that function when you run it

Since 0 if random.randint(0, 4) == 0 else 1 is not a function (its a random number) you got an error. The fix is to package this expression inside a function that you can pass to toolbox.register:

# returns 1 with probability p and 0 with probability 1-p
def bernoulli(p):
    if random.random() < p:
        return 1
        return 0

toolbox.register("attr_bool", bernoulli, 0.8)
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