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What are the latest options in Java logging frameworks?

This question gets asked periodically, but I've long felt that existing Java logging frameworks were overcomplicated and over-engineered, and I want to see what's new.

I have a more critical issue on my current project as we've standardized on JSON as our human-readable data encoding, and most logging frameworks I've seen require XML. I would really rather avoid using JSON for 95% of my apps configuration, and XML for the rest just because of the logging framework (truth be told, I hate XML used for anything other than text markup, its original intended purpose).

Are there any hot new Java logging frameworks that are actively maintained, reasonably powerful, have a maven repo, can be reconfigured without restarting your app, and don't tie you to XML?

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You have 3 options:

  • Log4J
  • java.util.logging (JUL)
  • Logback (the successor of Log4J)

Now, let's see how they meet your requirements:

  1. actively maintained
  2. reasonably powerful
  3. have a maven repo
  4. can be reconfigured without restarting your app
  5. don't tie you to XML


  1. No, not actively maintained
  2. Yes -
  3. Yes -
  4. Yes -
  5. Yes (using Java properties file, see Configuration).

java.util.logging (JUL):

  1. I'd say Yes -
  2. at your discretion -
  3. N/A -
  4. Yes (via JMX or LogManager#readConfiguration() -
  5. Yes (using properties files)


  1. Yes -
  2. Yes -
  3. Yes -
  4. Yes, via JMX or autoScan -
  5. Configuration files in XML or Groovy

It looks like you'll have to make some concessions (or find a framework I'm not aware of). I would go for Logback, this is where things happen now.

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