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ASP.NET (C#) Question

HttpModule Change Response

When invoking webservice I need to change response text when invoking certain operation .

Therefore I created HttpModule that catch response and change it.

Below the code :

public class BeginEnd : IHttpModule

public void Init(HttpApplication context)
context.EndRequest += (o, e) =>
HttpContext currContext = HttpContext.Current;

NameValueCollection collection = currContext.Request.QueryString;

if ( collection.Count > 0
&& collection["op"] != null
&& collection["op"] == "ChangeService" )
string xmlOther = "<root>My Test</root>";



public void Dispose()

So as you see, I just clear Response object and put my text.

Is is a proper way to do it ?

It's working , but I think that I missing something

What do you think ?

Answer Source

I can't give you a best-practice answer, but I do this myself for when I am outputting JSON from an old-skool ASPX application, and it works flawlessly.

So my answer is (out of personal experience): nothing wrong with this.

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