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Java Question

Compiling four java files within one package using javac

I have four java files in my folder. They are all in the same package. Here's the package declaration

package com.osama.GHide

All of these classes are in the same package. I want to know how can I compile them using
(i mean i do not know how to compile multiple files that are using each other). And once that is done how do I launch then using
command in the CLI? here are the file names.

Answer Source

From the project's root directory:

javac src/com/osama/GHide/*.java

To run, assuming no other dependencies:

java -cp ./src com.osama.GHide.EnteringPoint

(Assuming EnteringPoint has the normal main function.)

The javac command compiles all the .java files in the package's directory. Since they're all in the same package/directory, this works. It also puts the generated .class files in the same directory, which may or may not be what you want.

To put them in a different directory, use the -d option and supply a path.

javac -d bin src/com/osama/GHide/*.java

Then to run:

java -cp ./bin com.osama.GHide.EnteringPoint
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