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Explain what a <div> tag is to a non-programmer

So my brother is home for the holidays, and he is trying to learn HTML & Javascript. I've had some success explaining to him many of the concepts related to this. Most of the tags are pretty self explanatory, but I've struggled with describing a div tag.

To be honest, I never really got a good description for myself, just through experience I know when to use one.

A good answer will not need to include the definition of "block element" or any other technical jargon, although you can assume some basic knowledge of some HTML tags

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For some reason the purpose or logic around the <div> </div> tags, made sense to me looking at cloth clips, and the reason it is because:

  • Cloth clips are usually or almost always are applied Two for each type of cloth. ( <div> </div> )
  • One can not work without the other, otherwise the cloth will fall. ex: <div> alone can not work.
  • The purpose of them is so that, they can hold a block of code ex: (a cloth in this case)
  • And control the structure, space, width, layout of a given object as per your desire.

enter image description here

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