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Include a php file in another php file wordpress plugin

I am trying to include a file in an another file, but nothing. No error. First I included my main file.


And then I try to include secondary files in this file (


Answer Source

try to include absolute path of your file. Use it:

$file = ABSPATH."wp-content/plugins/your-plugin/your-file.php";

in your case:

//main thing is to use ABSPATH
$file = ABSPATH."inc/onefolder/anotherfolder/secondaryfile.php";    
require( $file ); // use include if you want.

Hope it will help.


$file = ABSPATH."wp-content/plugins/your-plugin/inc/onefolder/anotherfolder/secondaryfile.php";

Check it out, please note, you should give the exact path as written on above line. Make it clear.

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