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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Is it possible to share session state between asp classic and asp.net

We are migrating an ASP Classic website over to ASP.Net. One of the big hurdles is the large amount of data stored in SessionState by the ASP Classic website.

I am looking for ways that session state can be shared between the two applications. I found the following link from microsoft MSDN that describes how to share session with a shared database. Unfortunately it uses the binary formatter to serialize into the database and I have recently had some bad experiences with said binary serialization.

Does anyone have other suggestions on how to share session state? or alternatives to the binary serialization?

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The MSDN article you linked to is the best way. You can use cookies, hidden form fields, querystring parameters, or any number of other "workarounds" but all of them are hacks, and all have problems (security concerns, just don't work right, more work than a total re-write, etc.)