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Publish to iTunes invalid profile

i'm trying to publish application on iTunes but...

1) if I publish it via xcode 8 (automatically signing), it passed validation and uppload application, but it noappears in iTunes.

2) next i (grow up version code) truing to use ApplicationLoader and got error:
enter image description here

3) then i remove all developer and distribution keys from keychain and downloads it again
enter image description here

4) and trying to set up it manually but got an error:
enter image description here

all certificates are valid

i'ts not my user, so i dosen't have access to remove and create new certificates

certificates have been set in build settings also:
enter image description here

Answer Source

it might because you did not add permission in Info.plist like

Privacy - Camera Usage Description and Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description

You can found all the permissions here

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