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Java Question

Java find the largest attribute between different objects of the same class

I'm trying to find which warehouse has the greatest number of each part. I set up a super class defined below.

public abstract class warehouse {
int part1;
int part2;
int part3;
int part4;
int part5;
String name;
File inventory = new File("Inventory.txt");
File transactions = new File("Transactions.txt");
public warehouse() throws FileNotFoundException {


public int getPart1() {
return part1;
public int getPart2(){
return part2;
public int getPart3() {
return part3;
public int getPart4() {
return part4;
public int getPart5() {
return part5;

I have six subclasses, I'll show the definition of one, they're all the same except for the name field.

import java.io.FileNotFoundException;
public class Atlanta extends warehouse {

public Atlanta() throws FileNotFoundException {
name = "Atlanta";

I am trying to compare for example,
between all six classes. I set up the functions to return the values of each of the parts but it would really suck to do if
(Atlanta.getPart1() > Chicago.getPart1() && Atlanta.getPart1()> Denver.getPart1())...
is there a way I can find which object has the greatest value of each attributes without having to write that out for every combination and every part?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

You can use Collection.max() with proper Comparator based on abstract class

  Arrays.asList(new Atlanta(), new Pennsylvania(), ...),
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