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Scrapy uses wrong encoding, adds extra html tags to JSON from webpage

So I want to use Scrapy to get
Puerto Rico board game data

The data looks like the following

{ "data": {
"label":"<div class=\"iblock\">\u262f &ge; 75%<\/div>"

However, the response.text object in Scrapy uses a different encoding and adds some extra html tags:

{"data": {
"label": "<div class="\&quot;iblock\&quot;">\u262f ≥ 75%&lt;\/div&gt;"

As a result, when I try to parse the json into a python object:

responseJSON = json.loads(response.xpath("/html/body/text").extract_first())

I get the following error:

ValueError: end is out of bounds

How can I get Scrapy to return a correcly encoded response with no extra html tags?

Answer Source

this is json response, no need to use xpath

Tested in scrapy shell

enter image description here

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