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Giving unable to convert String to Category Error

I can't seem to be able to filter my list box with my combobox, though the text filter works fine. How can I fix the problem of being unable to convert String to Category?

Part of: StaffListView.xaml

StaffController sc = (StaffController)Application.Current.FindResource("staffcontroller");
public StaffListView()
StaffController sc = (StaffController)Application.Current.FindResource("staffcontroller");

private void ComboBox_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
if (e.RemovedItems.Count > 0)
//too much going on i think it sees the () as a method because of the ToString
//MessageBox.Show("Dropdown list used to select: " + e.AddedItems[0]);

Part of StaffControler:

public void FilterBy(Category currCategoryFilter)
var selected = from Staff s in MasterStaffListBasic
where currCategoryFilter == Category.All || s.StaffCategory == currCategoryFilter
select s;

Also just to clarify Category is a public enum defined in the controller

Answer Source

You've passed a string to the FilterBy method which accepts a category as a parameter. You should pass the comboBox.SelectedItem but cast it to Category like this:

entersc.FilterBy(comboBox.SelectedItem as Category);

Based on your edit that you said Category is a public enum you should pass it like this:

entersc.FilterBy((Category) comboBox.SelectedItem);

Or if you still want to use as operator:

entersc.FilterBy(comboBox.SelectedItem as Category? ?? (Category) 0);

Because the as operator must be used with a reference type or nullable type.

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