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Option Strict On and DBNull.Value

I've started converting an application of mine to use Option Strict On. I've been doing the CStr,Ctype etc, and it's been going well.

SQLCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@TERMINATE", If(IsNothing(txtEarningsTerminated.DateValue), DBNull.Value, txtEarningsTerminated.DateValue))

Then I hit this. The txtEarningsTerminated.DateValue is a custom masked text box. When it's value is Nothing I don't want to store anything in the database. However, it states

Cannot infer a common type, and Option Strict On does not allow 'Object' to be assumed.

When I change DBNull.Value to "" or nothing, the error goes away. However as Nothing, it fails during runtime stating

The parameterized query '(@CONTROL int,@CLIENTCODE nvarchar(10),@NoBill int,@TERMINATE nv' expects the parameter '@TERMINATE', which was not supplied.

I want to put a NULL in the database. This value can be a date and then become a NULL.

How do I translate this so as to not produce an error under Option Strict On?

Answer Source

So the answer was obvious and in the error. I just had to encase the DBNull.Value in a Ctype Object

CType(DBNull.Value, Object)

And then the code would compile just fine.

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