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Linux Question

Is it possible to set time out from bash script?

Sometimes my bash scripts are hanging and hold without clear reason

So they actually can hang for ever ( script process will run until I kill it )

Is it possible to combine in the bash script time out mechanism in order to exit from the program after for example ½ hour?

Answer Source

This Bash-only approach encapsulates all the timeout code inside your script by running a function as a background job to enforce the timeout:


Timeout=1800 # 30 minutes

function timeout_monitor() {
   sleep "$Timeout"
   kill "$1"

# start the timeout monitor in 
# background and pass the PID:
timeout_monitor "$$" &

# <your script here>

# kill timeout monitor when terminating:
kill "$Timeout_monitor_pid"

Note that the function will be executed in a separate process. Therefore the PID of the monitored process ($$) must be passed. I left out the usual parameter checking for the sake of brevity.

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