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PHP Question

Classes to Protect from SQL/XXS attacks?

I'm building a MVC application for managing a creative portfolio (Going to put it on git hub). I need something to secure the DB connections, basically I have one class to manage ALL DB transactions.

I need to either create a class or find a class that can protect all SQL queries from XXS or SQL Attacks. What suggestions do you have for securing PHP Database connections?

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just try to filter you POST,GET requests with this function

function protect($string) 
      if (ini_get('magic_quotes_gpc') == 'off') // check if magic_quotes_gpc is on and if not add slashes
             $string = addslashes($string); 
// move html tages from inputs
$string = htmlentities($string, ENT_QUOTES);
//removing most known vulnerable words
$codes = array("script","java","applet","iframe","meta","object","html", "<", ">", ";", "'","%");
$string = str_replace($codes,"",$string);
//return clean string
return $string; 

you can easily apply it for the whole input using array_map function

$input = array_map('protect','$_POST');
$input = array_map('protect','$_GET');
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