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Express: Optional trailing slash for top-level path

Update: My question did not accurately convey what I'm trying to achieve. I wish to match

, and anything under
), not the given paths specifically. The original question follows.

I'd like to match the following paths:


These should work, too:

/foo/ -> /foo
/foo/bar/ -> /foo/bar
/foo/bar/baz/ -> /foo/bar/baz

I tried the following:

app.get('/foo/*', ...);

This fails in the
case, though. I know that I can provide a regular expression rather than a string, but this is surely a common requirement so I'd be surprised to learn that the pattern-matching DSL does not accommodate it.

Answer Source

It appears that a regular expression is the way to go:

app.get(/^[/]foo(?=$|[/])/, ...);
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