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How to define java.awt.Rectangle using 4 points?

I want to draw a rectangle with 4 points

A(16,14) B(12,18) C(8,14) D(12,10)
and want to check the point
is present inside the rectangle or not.

Is it possible to achieve this using

I tried below code and not working as expected.

Rectangle bounds = new Rectangle(16, 14);
bounds.add(12, 18);
bounds.add(8, 14);
bounds.add(12, 10);

System.out.println(bounds.contains(1,1)); // printing true which is not right

Answer Source

Creating a rectangle with 4 points is quite easy.

First, you need to find the point with the smallest x and y. Assign the smallest x and y values to originX and originY respectively. Then, create a rectangle with the arguments (originX, originY, 0, 0). After that, call add three times to add the other points.

In your case, this would work:

Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(8, 14, 0, 0); // 8 and 14 are the smallerst x and y
rect.add(16, 14);
rect.add(12, 18);
rect.add(12, 10);
System.out.println(rect.contains(1,1)); // false

I have written a method for you:

public static Rectangle createRectangeWithPoints(Point p1, Point p2, Point p3, Point p4) {
    int originX = (int)Math.min(p1.getX(), Math.min(p2.getX(), Math.min(p3.getX(), p4.getX())));
    int originY = (int)Math.min(p1.getY(), Math.min(p2.getY(), Math.min(p3.getY(), p4.getY())));
    Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(originX, originY, 0, 0);
    return rect;
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