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PHP Question

PHP Split String After X Characters Into Separate Word

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PHP: str_split without word-wrap

Let's say I have this string :

$string = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet";

and I have character limit on my database : 15 characters. by using str_split($string,15), I got this result :

[0] => Lorem ipsum dol
[1] => or sit amet

this looks ugly to me... how to cut string to the closest word using PHP but the result is like this :

[0] => Lorem ipsum
[1] => dolor sit amet

Answer Source

You can use wordwrap and explode

$string = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet";
$string = wordwrap($string, 15, ";;", true);
var_dump(explode(";;", $string));


  0 => string 'Lorem ipsum' (length=11)
  1 => string 'dolor sit amet' (length=14)
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