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How do I pick 2 random items from a Python set?

I currently have a Python set of n size where n >= 0. Is there a quick 1 or 2 lines Python solution to do it? For example, the set will look like:

fruits = set(['apple', 'orange', 'watermelon', 'grape'])

The goal is to pick 2 random items from the above and it's possible that the above set can contain 0, 1 or more items. The only way I can think of doing the above is to convert the set to a list(mutable) from where I can access 2 random unique index within the length of the set.

Answer Source

Use the random module:

import random
random.sample(set([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]), 2)

This samples the two values without replacement (so the two values are different).

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