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Is there any API in Survey Monkey which recycles an existing collector to new email IDs?

We have two APIs on their documentation page which are used to send emails to target recipients. They are:

However none of them reuses an already existing collector to just send mail to new recipients. Is there any API which can be used only to send the mails rather than recreating a collector?

Is it mandatory to send a new collector everytime we send new surveys?

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The two links you document are for old V2 APIs which are being deprecated. The new API docs are here.

Particularly, you are looking for these:


POST /v3/collectors/<collector_id>/messages
    "type": "invite"

To create a new message (add optional subject/email body) then:

POST /v3/collectors/<collector_id>/messages/<message_id>/send

With an empty body and it'll schedule your email to send (you can also set a date to schedule the email to send at that time.

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