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Xcode : Compiler error Dictionary <key, value > is not convertible to hashable

I'm making an app in Xcode using Swift and the build fails even though there seem to be no errors in the code. I do, however, get this error:

Compiler error Dictionary <>key, value <> is not convertible to hashable.

How can I fix this? I have searched this but found nothing helpful.

Answer Source

An NSDictionary key must conform to the NSCopying protocol. If the key is a custom object add the code to make it conform.

All of a dictionary's keys must be compatible with its key type (Key).

From The Swift Programming Language - Dictionary Type:

The key type of a dictionary must conform to the Swift standard library Hashable protocol.

From Coding Explorer BLog:

The built in Swift types like Int, Double, and String are hashable.

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