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Bootstrap modal: event.relatedTarget (not updating)

I have a Bootstrap modal in which I want to update the appearance of the button that launched the modal. The 'relatedTarget' does not appear to update when a new button launches the modal.

Here's the Codepen

To reproduce the issue:

  1. Click first button to launch modal. Use radio button to apply a class to button. Close modal.

  2. Click second button to launch modal. Use radio button to apply different class to button. Close modal.

[Issue]: Both buttons get the same class. The first button will also change color.

$('#myModal').on('', function (e) {

var origin = $(e.relatedTarget);

$("#modalButton").click( origin, updateButton );
function updateButton (event) {
var color = $('input[name="radio_color"]:radio').filter(':checked').val()
var origin =;

Thanks so much for any help resolving.

Answer Source

It's because you haven't unbound your previous click event (so they are just stacking up - so the second click will fire 2 events - the new one and the previously bound one)

Add this:


Before you bind the new click and it should solve your problem

Updated Pen

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