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Setting NSAllowsArbitraryLoads in iOS 9 - Will Apple reject the app?

I suddenly get a message on

iOS 9

The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security
policy requires the use of a secure connection

Searched a bit and found that setting NSAllowsArbitraryLoads to YES fixes this which actually works.

However I also found that Apple may reject the App for this.
Though stated in App Transport Security Technote


A Boolean value used to disable App Transport Security for any domains not listed in the NSExceptionDomains dictionary. Listed
domains use the settings specified for that domain.

But since this is the only solution working right now and also Apple may or may not reject the App, just wanted to confirm before publishing.

Update: Apple passed the review and my app is live now with this setting :)

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Apple announced that iOS apps have until January 1, 2017, to enable App Transport Security.

So,if you plan submit app store after 2017,please turn on ATS.

====== Old answer=====

My experience:

I submit my app at 9/17/2015, and have passed the app store review process and successfully released the app.

Here is the info.plist screenshot of my app. enter image description here

So,I do not think apple will reject the app for this reason for now


My new app passed apple review process at 10/30/2015 with this key set to YES.

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