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AngularJS Question

Setter and getter using angular service/factory

I want to pass big chunk of data from controller A to controller B.

so I made this factory

.factory('holdCustomCover', function($scope, img_data) {
return {
save: $scope.img_data = img_data;

get: $scope.img_data;

am I doing it right? so later in controller A what should I do? like

Then in controller B I do
I can get the img value?

Answer Source

You can't inject $scope inside factory/service funciton. Service/Factory are singleton object which are responsible for data sharing. You should have common code over there only.

In your code you have to create a function for getter & setter, which will return img_data which is private data for holdCustomer factory.

  .factory('holdCustomCover', function() {
      var img_data; //private data
        return {
            save: function (data){
              img_data = data;
            get: function(){
              return img_data;
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