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How do you build a graph from a data frame using the igraph package?

Any way to build a graph ( igraph package ) from a Data Frame in R ?

The data frame contains node relationships.

df = data.frame (
A = c("Berlin", "Amsterdam", "New York") ,
B = c("Munich", "Utrecht", "Chicago")

Edges are :

Berlin -> Munich
Amsteram -> Utrecht
New York -> Chicago

Answer Source

igraph is very flexible and I'm sure there are a number ways to accomplish this. I found the tutorials provided on the website to be very helpful.

Here's one simple way to create a network plot from a data.frame:


df <- data.frame(
  A = c("Berlin", "Amsterdam", "New York") , 
  B = c("Munich", "Utrecht", "Chicago"))

df.g <- = df, directed = FALSE)

plot(df.g, vertex.label = V(df.g)$name)

enter image description here

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