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iOS: WebView Loading a url

I am trying to open the following url in

but it fails to load whereas changing it to:

works fine.

The url that I want to load is:

[webView loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@%@%@%@%@",@"",[[bookListing objectForKey:@"Data"] objectForKey:@"zip"],@"&beds=&baths=&price_to=0#{\"lat\":\"0\",\"lon\":\"0\",\"distance\":\"25\",\"seed\":\"1622727896\",\"is_sort_default\":\"1\",\"sort_by\":\"\",\"page\":\"1\",\"startIndex\":\"0\",\"address\":\"",[[bookListing objectForKey:@"Data"] objectForKey:@"zip"],@"\",\"beds\":\"\",\"baths\":\"\",\"price_to\":\"0\"}"]]]];


I have purposely escaped the double quotes otherwise it gives me an error.
I checked the url by opening in my browser (on laptop) and it works perfectly fine:

The url in browser:{%22lat%22:%220%22,%22lon%22:%220%22,%22distance%22:%2225%22,%22seed%22:%221622727896%22,%22is_sort_default%22:%221%22,%22sort_by%22:%22%22,%22page%22:%221%22,%22startIndex%22:%220%22,%22address%22:%2292115%22,%22beds%22:%22%22,%22baths%22:%22%22,%22price_to%22:%220%22}

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Your line of code looks convoluted, but basically it is a very simple one.

You should breakup this code from a one liner to multiple lines that are more readable. That will also allow you to log and check the URL you actually created, like so:

NSLog(@"My url: %@", urlString);

Update: I see you added the full url. Webview indeed fails to load that url (UIWebkit error 101).

The part of the url that causes the problem is the '#' character and dictionary that follows in the params. You should url encode that part of the url.

Try this:

NSString *address = @"";
NSString *params1 = @"address=92115&beds=&baths=&price_to=0";

// URL encode the problematic part of the url.
NSString *params2 = @"#{%22lat%22:%220%22,%22lon%22:%220%22,%22distance%22:%2225%22,%22seed%22:%221622727896%22,%22is_sort_default%22:%221%22,%22sort_by%22:%22%22,%22page%22:%221%22,%22startIndex%22:%220%22,%22address%22:%2292115%22,%22beds%22:%22%22,%22baths%22:%22%22,%22price_to%22:%220%22}";
params2 = [self escape:params2];

// Build the url and loadRequest
NSString *urlString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@%@%@",address,params1,params2];
[self.webView loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:urlString]]];

The escaping method I used:

- (NSString *)escape:(NSString *)text
    return (__bridge NSString *)CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes(NULL,
                                                                        (__bridge CFStringRef)text, NULL,
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