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Importing CSV that has line breaks within the actual fields

I am using PHP to import a CSV file, which originates from an excel spreadsheet. Some of the fields contain line breaks in them, so when I reopen the csv in excel / open office spreadsheet, it misinterprets where the line breaks should happen.

Also in my script, using fgetcsv to go through each line, it is incorrectly line breaking where it shouldn't be.

I could manually cleanse the data but a) that would take ages as its a 10k line file, and b) the data is exported from a clients existing piece of software

Any ideas on how to automatically solve this on the import process? I would have thought delimiting the fields would have sorted it but it does not.

Answer Source

I had that problem too and did not find an way to read the data correctly.

In my case it was an one-time-import, so i made an script that searched for all line-breaks within an column and replaced it with something like #####. Then I imported the data and replaced that by linebreaks.

If you need an regular import you could write you own CSV-Parser, that handles the problem. If the text-columns are within "" you could treat everything between two "" as one columns (with check for escaped " within the content).

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