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JSON Date format - display time only

I have an application using Bootstrap tables and one of the fields is Time. When I get the data from the database, it is encoded in JSON format ad the data for this field is something like 2016-11-07T13:40:29.000Z which I understand is the standard JSON format.

I'd like to break it apart and have one column in my table display the date and another column display the time, ideally. But I would be happy if I could just get the Time column to display only time.

I've read that is has something to do with adding a dataFormatter to the column header, but I can't seem to make it work, as my javascript returns NaN.

This is the code I found while researching the problem. I'm new to Javascript, so there is probably a few mistakes here that I would appreciate some help with.

<table id="table" data-url ="http://maccdx161012:4567/api/v1/sat" data-toggle="table">

<th data-field="initials">Initials</th>
<th data-field="sector">Sector</th>
<th data-field="cjs">CJS</th>
<th data-field="satin" data-formatter="timeFormatter">In</th>
<th data-field="satout">Out</th>
<th data-field="duration">Duration</th>
<th data-field="position">Position</th>
<th data-field="ot">OT</th>
function timeFormatter(value) {
var date = new Date(value*1000);
var hours = date.getHours();
var minutes = "0" + date.getMinutes();

return hours + ':' + minutes.substr(-2);

Answer Source
    function timeFormatter(value) {
        var date = new Date(value);
        var hours = date.getHours();
        var minutes = (date.getMinutes() < 10 ? "0":"") + date.getMinutes();

        return hours + ':' + minutes;

It will return time for your local timezone. If you don't want this feature - use Keith's solution.

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