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AngularJS Question

Apply generic mask via filter?

I'm currently using ngMask to handle masking for user input. It works great, but, AFAIK, can only be used on

elements. I now need to mask this same data for display. For example, in a table, I would hope to display
item.ssn = 123456789

What is the best way to do this? I understand I can make custom filters, but was wondering if there was a generic way to do this for all text. Like this if you could extend the ngMask functionality...

<td><span mask="999-99-9999">{{item.ssn}}</span></td>

or as a filter...


Answer Source

You need to implement a filter. You can rely on MaskService provided with ngMask:

angular.module('myModule').filter('mask', ['MaskService', function(MaskService) {
  return function(text, mask) {
    var result, 
        maskService = MaskService.create(),

    if (!angular.isObject(mask)) {
      mask = { mask: mask }

    maskService.generateRegex(mask).then(function() {
      result = maskService.getViewValue(text).withDivisors() 

    return result;


<td>{{item.ssn | mask:'999-99-9999'}}</td>
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