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New iTunes Connect Screenshot Process - Issue Uploading Primary Device Screenshots

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I'm unable to drag and drop screenshots (which as 100% the right size) into the new iTunes Connect media uploaded - whether it's on the main app page or in the Media Manager.

It just says that it's already using the 5.5-inch shots (of which there are none) and won't give me the ability to upload.

Interestingly, if I uncheck one of the smaller sizes I can drag screenshots to those just fine.

Screenshot of the issue:-

enter image description here
Trying to submit it asks for screenshots

Answer Source

When I update the version of my App, also encountered the same situation. After trying various methods, the solution is found.

  1. upload a screenshot of the non-primary language, enter image description here
  2. change the primary language, enter image description here
  3. modify the non-primary language screenshot,
  4. change back the primary language.

Yeah Succeed!!!

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