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jQuery Drag And Drop Using Live Events

I have an application with a long list that changes frequently, and I need the items of that list to be draggable.

I've been using the jQuery UI draggable plugin, but it is slow to add to 400+ list items, and has to be re-added every time new list items are added.

Does anyone know of a plugin similar to the jQuery UI draggable plugin that uses jQuery 1.3's

events? This would solve both problems.

Answer Source

Wojtek's solution worked perfectly for me. I wound up changing it a tad bit to make it extend jQuery...

(function ($) {
   $.fn.liveDraggable = function (opts) {"mouseover", function() {
         if (!$(this).data("init")) {
            $(this).data("init", true).draggable(opts);
      return this;

Now instead of calling it like:


...just use:

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