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How to show a graph in a Perl Gtk GUI?

Using Perl and Gtk2 (or Gtk3), I'd like to display a graph in a GUI application.

Chart::Clicker looks promising, but it seems to only write to files. Is there a way to get that into a GtkDrawingArea or similar?

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After lots of experimentation, I figured it out.

  1. Don't use Gtk::DrawingArea, use Gtk::Image.
  2. $img->set_from_surface($chart->driver->surface);

Reading through the source to Chart::Clicker, I found that $chart->driver is the Cairo object and ->surface is the actual Cairo surface. A Gtk::Image can be directly drawn based on a Cairo surface.

Complete program that illustrates how to do this:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Gtk3 -init;
use Chart::Clicker;
use Chart::Clicker::Data::Series;
use Chart::Clicker::Data::DataSet;
my $win = Gtk3::Window->new;
my $img = Gtk3::Image->new;
my $chart = Chart::Clicker->new;
my $dataset = Chart::Clicker::Data::DataSet->new(
        series => [Chart::Clicker::Data::Series->new(
                keys => [1, 2, 3, 4, 5],
                values => [2, 3, 5, 7, 11],
$win->signal_connect(destroy => sub{Gtk3->main_quit});


On Gtk3 < 3.10, replace the line containing set_from_surface with:

my $loader = Gtk3::Gdk::PixbufLoader->new;
$chart->driver->surface->write_to_png_stream(sub {
    $loader->write([unpack 'C*', $_[1]]);
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