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Multiple model updates in sails waterline

I'm building a project on sails (0.10.0-rc5) for a few days and in a few cases i need to update multiple entries at once with the same data so I made something up ...

Servers.find({owner_id:}).exec(function(error, servers) {

queries.save_each(servers, {owner_id:});


The interesting part is queries.save_each() which I created ...

* Save each ActiveRecord objects with the desired attributes
* @param {object} objects ActiveRecord object (e.g. servers, users)
* @param {object} updates datas to update
* @return {void}
save_each = function(objects, updates) {

// For each object we will update the wanted datas
for (var n in objects) {

objects[n] = variables.inject(objects[n], updates);
objects[n].save(function(error) {





Basically, it's checking each entry and updating it from the new datas with save(). It works fine, but i'm wondering if there's nothing already done in waterline to do so ; I didn't find anything, but i'm quite beginner in sails maybe i missed something !

Any idea ?

Answer Source

For the record, to update records in Sails, use the update method:

Model.update(criteria, data).exec(callback);

for example:

Servers.update({owner_id:}, {owner_id:})
       .exec(function(err, updatedServers) {
                 // do something

Documentation for update is on the here.

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