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PHP Question

Laravel 5 - env local debug true no errors shown

I'm trying to enable the debug for my app but it looks like I don't have any feedback.

The environment is set to local (in the .env file) and if I run

php artisan env

I get this

Current application environment: local

The debug config for my local env is set to

return [

'debug' => true,

Also if I set in my main config file (app.php inside the config folder) the
debug = true
I still have ho feedback that there is an error in the code.

I only have an empty page if there is an error in the code (as for debug = false)

What am I missing?

Answer Source

I have worked around the issue by chmod -R 777 storage/ on my host machine (Mac OS X). On my guest machine (Ubuntu 14.04) chmod -R 777 storage/ did not change permissions actually.

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