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How to add jvm custom propertis in bulk in Websphere

Our application is deployed in websphere and uses lots of custom jvm properties.
Right now we are adding the properties one by one through admin console.

This is a pain during development phase.
Because every day after syncing their code, each and every developer needs to find out if a new property has been added/renamed and do those changes in their own console. Else the application wont start.

It also takes a lot of application setup time, while deploying to various testing environments.

Could you help me identify the place where websphere stores these custom properties? We are thinking of writing a code to update that file (?) directly instead of adding one by one through admin console.

Please help.

P.S:- We are not allowed to use jython in our local :(

Answer Source

In the server.xml configuration for that given server, located somewhere like


You can inspect the <processDefinitions> element and add a "systemProperties" stanza like:

<systemProperties xmi:id="Property_1460665921900" name="someName" value="someValue" required="false"/>

DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The "Property_1112223334445" part is fragile, and you need to make sure it has a unique 13-digit number at the end.

Or, you can modify the "genericJvmArguments" tag in the same file, using a format more like -DsomeName=someValue

Finally, if you do have jacl scripting access, there is an article on updating using scripting here.

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