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PHP Question

How would you implement FHIR in PHP?

I am trying to build a webapp in PHP that implements HL7's standards. Then I came across FHIR. I do not have alot of experience with API's, though I do have some with some PHP frameworks.

When FHIR's documentation says it is a framework standard, does this mean it is not a framework in itself? I also read in the documentation that it provides a RESTful API. Though as a newbie in this kind of thing, I find myself a bit lost on where to start. But I still want to use FHIR, and implement it using PHP.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help and give me some insight on this.

Answer Source

FHIR provides a number of APIs for different languages (Java, C#, Javascript, etc.) but we don't yet have a reference implementation for PHP. I'd suggest asking the question on http://chat.fhir.org on the implementer's stream and ask who else is using PHP. It may be you'll need to create your own implementation.

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