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Java Question

Java stream Map by value which is Collection

How to stream a

which looks like
Map<String, <List<String>>

to get:

  1. List<String>
    from a map.getValue() which for ex. are all longer than 5 or map.getValue() each string which str.length()>5.
    How to get long count of these?

  2. Map<String, List<String>>
    where keys stay the same, but the list consists only of
    s of length larger than 5?

  3. Map<String, long>
    with counts of strings larger than five in List per maps key?

I started something but I am stuck:

long l = map.entrySet().stream()
.filter(m -> m.getValue().stream().filter(s -> s.length() > 5)


Answer Source

It looks like you want to create a new Map from the source Map, where the keys remain the same and the values are filtered :

Sample input :

Map<String, List<String>> map = new HashMap<> ();
map.put ("one", Arrays.asList (new String[]{"1","2","12345","123456"}));
map.put ("two", Arrays.asList (new String[]{"1","123456","12345","12"}));
map.put ("three", Arrays.asList (new String[]{"1","2","12","34"}));
map.put ("four", Arrays.asList (new String[]{"12345","123456","1234567","123"}));

Processing :

Map<String, List<String>> output =
                                     .filter(s -> s.length() > 5)

Output :

{four=[123456, 1234567], one=[123456], three=[], two=[123456]}


After re-reading your question, it looks like you asked three different questions and I only answered the second of them.

The third is a small variation of the second :

Map<String, Long> output =
                                     .filter(s -> s.length() > 5)


As for the first question, you can merge the Lists using flatMap and then filter out the short Strings :

List<String> longStrings = 
       .filter(s->s.length() > 5)
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