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connect to sql server with node.js

hey I want to connect to SQL server using node.js can any one tell me the way how can I do that.

My work: i have searched few npm modules(node-sqlserver) but that dosent work for me much any help will really he appreciated.

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hey You can do this by using npm module called seriate. You need to install this module

npm install --save seriate

var sql = require("seriate");

var config = {
    user: 'userName',
    password: 'password',
    server: 'serverIp',
    database: 'dataBaseName'

sql.setDefaultConfig( config );

sql.execute( {
  query:'select * from tableName '//By using this query you can search the the data in the table
  query:"insert into tableName (name,age,address,contactNo) VALUES ('shumi',23,'India',3838388)" // you can insert data using this query

} ).then( function( results ) {
    console.log( results );
}, function( err ) {
    console.log( "Something bad happened:", err );
} );

for more details you can even visit http://developer.leankit.com/painless-sql-server-with-nodejs-and-seriate/

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