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React JSX Question

React native setState with multiple values

I'm defining my state in constructor like this.

constructor(props) {
this.state = {
order: ? { } : { title: '', birthdate: '' , gender: '', startdate: '', starttime: '', brand: null},

Then in another function i'm trying to setState only for order.brand

//order: { brand: items[0].title },
order: { ...order, brand: items[0].title },

The commented line is overwriting all elements, and the second returns that order is not defined.

What's the correct syntax to save just one item of the state that have multiple values.

Answer Source

As mentioned in the comments you can use update to modify object values:

var update = require('react-addons-update');

this.setState(function(previousState, currentProps) {
    var newState = update(previousState,{
        order: {
            brand: {
                $set: 'some new value'

    return newState;


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