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C++ Question

How to Access a Private Variable?

This question isn't meant to sound as blatantly insulting as it probably is right now.

This is a homework assignment, and the spec sheet is scarce and poorly designed to say the least. We have a function:

double refuel( int liter, GasStation *gs )
// TODO: Access private variable MaxFuel of gs and decrement.

Sound simple enough? It should be, but the class GasStation comes with no function that accesses the private variable MaxFuel. So how can I access it anyway using the function refuel?

I'm not considering creating a function
setFuel( int liter )
because the teacher always complains rather energetically if I change his specification. So... I guess I have to do some sort of hack around it, but I'm not sure how to go about this without explicitely changing the only function in GasStation and giving it a parameter so that I can call it here.

Any hints perhaps?

sbi sbi
Answer Source

Now that sounds like a real lousy homework assignment.

Anyway, I can think of three ways to access private data:

  1. through public member functions
  2. by a friend of the class
  3. cheating:

    #define private public 
    #include "the_class.h"
    #undef private

The first two are legal, but require you to change the class. The last is "non-intrusive" (for some definition of "non-intrusive", anyway), but is definitely illegal (although I have yet to see a compiler were it wouldn't work).

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